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Suntory Distillers

Suntory Blender’s Choice Watami’s “夢の鼓動” 12 Year Old

Blended for the WATAMI restaurant chain's President Miki Watanabe.

HKD6,000.00 (Out of stock)

Age: 12 Years

Distiller: Suntory Distillers

Status: In operation

Bottler: Suntory

Region: Osaka

Country: Japan

Limited Edition / Discontinued

Type of whisky: Blended Whisky





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“夢の鼓動”, the “Dream of Winning” is a blended malt and grain whisky matured in a combination of various oak casks for a minimum of 12 years. Suntory created this 12-year-old blend for Miki Watanabe, the president of the popular Japanese izakaya chain WATAMI, originally for consumption in their restaurants.

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