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In 1923, Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory and the father of Japanese whisky, built Japan's first malt whisky distillery in the vale of Yamazaki.

Shinjiro Torii decided to begin whisky-making with a passionate desire to "create a perfect whisky that reflects the nature of Japan and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship." With his unwavering preference for the high-quality water and natural environment vital in whisky-making, Shinjiro selected the land of Yamazaki from among several candidate sites.

The area around Yamazaki Distillery has long been famous for its exquisite natural water, which is even mentioned in the Man'yoshu, the ancient anthology of Japanese poetry. The "Rikyu no Mizu"(water of the imperial villa) selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of Japan's one hundred best natural mineral waters, continues to bubble forth today. For the process water used at Yamazaki Distillery, this pure and high-quality groundwater, nurtured slowly over eons, is used.

Surrounded by abundant nature, the unique terrain, where the Katsura, Uji, and Kizu Rivers meet, is the ideal moist and humid environment for the aging of whisky: Yamazaki is indeed a whisky-making utopia.

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