The Chita, The brand new Suntory’s single grain !

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  • 12.06.2016


    These days, the launch of a new Japanese whisky is very good news for all lovers and people who haven’t tasted it yet. Suntory just released a brand new single grain called The Chita, the name of the group’s grain distillery.

    Oh really, would you say, Suntory owns a third distillery ? […]


  • 12.06.2016


    Every year since 2014 Suntory creates a new limited edition of the famous Yamazaki single malt. The 2016 version has just been unveiled and will be available in Japan from 24 May.

    As in previous editions, Yamazaki Limited Edition 2016 is a blending of young single malts aged in American oak casks, Bourbon barrels, with single malts aged over 20 years in European oak barrels, Sherry and Port Wine casks.了解更多