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One of the most well-known names among malt lovers around the world. The Macallan continues to bring forth new and exciting releases now and again.

The Macallan is one of the most highly revered whisky brands in the world. It is the third largest selling single malt whisky in the world and the second largest by value. The name Macallan is thought to have derived from the two Gaelic words, ‘Magh’, and ‘Ellan’, meaning ‘fertile ground’ and ‘of St Fillan’ respectively – St Fillan is thought to be an Irish monk that spread the Christian word throughout Scotland in the 8th Century.
Established since 1824, the Macallan begins to close on their 200th Anniversary in 2024. The company also unveiled their brand-new distillery facilities which opened to the public on 2 June, 2018.